Monday, November 28, 2005

Calmly Dyeing Calmer...

I had a lovely Thanksgiving with my family and lots of food. I also was able to knit quite a bit. I made major headway on my flower basket shawl, but then disaster struck. Despite my careful and very scientific calculations, I ran out of yarn 4 rows from bind-off. DANG. Now I have to buy more Koigu... that sucks so much... HA. Anyway, here is a sunny shot of the pre-blocked lace. Very bumpy...

FBS mountain range...

And now some pictures of my adventures in dyeing. I have some blue Calmer who's color I'm not sure of... I was wondering if it was even a possibility to dye, so I gave it a try. I also threw in some other yarn from my stash, since the dye was going to be used anyway...

Dying to dye.


The results were pretty interesting. The rust colored mohair didn't dye at all. The light blue wool/polyamide mix sucked up the color pretty well. The tan wool/acrylic mix dyed slightly. And the Calmer took on different hues which are all pretty cool...


Calmer dyeing.

So now I have to decide if I like any of the new shades of Calmer better than the original blue and whether I want to make the effort to dye it all. But!!! It is possible to dye Calmer! Pretty cool. Ok... now I have to get back to the Kinetics class that won't die.... HA.

Monday, November 14, 2005


I have been busy! So... this entry is mostly pictures... and very disjointed.

I've been able to sneak in some knitting here or there... See?

Knitting in uniform.

I knit on the bus to and from a hospital for training in the Guard. Knitting in camo...

I also have been working a bit on the squooshy sweater. Observe below...

Sweater and scarf.

The scarf is a "swatch" for my sister's Christmas present. I always ask if she wants me to knit her something and I thought Backyard Leaves would be a cool scarf for her. We'll see if she likes it before I go too far on it.

My nano got a new silicon cover: iTubes. I think they are pretty cool, but I miss my little nano sweater.

Nano tube.

Also, I turned 23!

So many candles!

We went on a couple hikes this weekend because it was absolutely gorgeous outside!!!

Pretty nature.

And finally... I accidentally downloaded and deleted pictures of the finished seafoam scarf on my parents computer back in Pittsburgh. So I'll have to post those later.... Enjoy the last days of fall before they are gone!!!

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