Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sock Takes a Hike.

The holiday gift knitting continues...
This is a Retro Rib sock out of Lorna Laces Shepard Sock Solid. I am a fan of this yarn. It's sproingy and easy to knit. Not to mention, the color is fab! The subtle shade shifting is quite nice. I like. I've gotten to the heel of the first sock, so these are zooming along just fine. Yay for sneaking in some Socktober knitting!

This lucky sock got to hitch a ride on a hike to The Needles last weekend. There were beautiful vistas along the way. We could even see Mt. Whitney, which was 35mi away. Here's the sock taking in the view.
And we mustn't forget to thank Eric for taking these photos.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Yesterday we had a team building event at work. It was at an indoor go-kart race track! Those suckers can go 35mph so it's a pretty good thrill zooming around the track.
I'm actually really sore today. I was in a couple "crashes" and my dang bony spine got all bruised up because the seats were not very cushy. Here I am in action:
Check out more photos here.

I have been knitting. But it's all gift knitting. I have socks, mittens, hats, sleeves, and facecloths on the needles right now! It's a bit overwhelming, but little by little I'm working through the pile. Only 2 months to Christmas!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Brown and Gray.

The time of the year has come where most of my knitting turns to gift knitting. I generally collaborate with my giftees to ensure that they are completely satisfied with their gift. I would hate to spend time knitting a gift for someone if they weren't going to wear it. Usually, people have unique and interesting requests and it is fun to make things that I wouldn't normally choose to make.

Apparently this year it's all about brown and gray. Hmmm.
Of course this is perfectly fine. Look at this fine example of these beautiful colors in nature:
Heathery gray is awesome. And I love brown! But it does get a bit boring to knit brown and gray all the time. I might have to cast on something multi-colored just to keep my sanity. Endpaper Mitts??? Of course, there is always my sister's gift... I don't know how I agreed to this...
That's going to be Beatrix. Unfortunately, I had to go down to a US3 to make gauge. Gulp. Um... excuse me... I better get back to the needles.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cause and Effect.

Cause: I bought a new camera. Effect: I had to change my blog layout.

So that I could post huge pictures. Like this:

Eric Among the Trees.
Farewell Gap.

P.S. Eric is minus one appendix as of last Tuesday. It was a crazy week... Why am I still up???

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