Thursday, June 28, 2007

Starting Again.

Well... I made a swatch this time to try and appease the knitting goddess.
Sacrifice to the Knitting Goddess.
Even though we all know that swatches lie.

This koigu told me that it wants to be Monkeys. So who am I to argue? Actually. I like "monki" as the plural to "monkey" better... You know like "octopus" is to "octopi"? So my socks will be Monki. Haha. :D

I'm leaving for an 11 day vacation tomorrow morning. I'm going to Pittsburgh for my little bro's high school grad party and my little sister's bridal shower. Sniffle... they grow up so fast. :) Then I'm off to Florida for a fun filled week with Eric and his family... his extended family. We are going to a family reunion! At Panama City! This should be interesting. See you on the flip side!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Hmph. I seem to have lost my knitting mojo. Nothing is working right! I am completely frustrated with all of my knitting projects. Let me explain complain:
Chevron Scarf.
I started a Chevron Scarf a couple weeks ago. It's not growing on me. I think the stripes of solid purple silk disrupts the pattern flow. Plus the gauge is different with the silk and it just doesn't jive. I'd also like to use a size larger needle for more drape. And I'm still considering Domesticat's version of the Chevron Scarf. Indecision!!! Ack!
Alpine Lace.
I then decided I wanted to knit some lace. I cast on for the Alpine Lace Scarf in Victorian Lace Today. After knitting a few rows I was thinking I should go up a needle size. Then I really messed up the lace pattern. Sigh. Time to rip.
Shibori Scarf.
So I started something simple... something I couldn't mess up. How about stockinette with a delicious yarn like Kidsilk Haze. How could I go wrong?? Well... I think it's too wide. It's going to be felted... so maybe it's not too wide. I dunno. I can't decide.
Just a side note: I think this ball of yarn is cursed. I've ripped it 3+ times because I didn't like the result. I thought something simple would be foolproof... Ummm... guess not.
Thermal Sleeve.
Then I decided to cast on for my new, shorter Thermal sleeve. I've maneuvered the tricky tubular cast-on easily, knit a few rows, and realized it is too big. My arms are skinny. The pattern is written for loose-ish sleeves. I want fitted sleeves. AHHHH! I'm going to freak.

I just. Want something. To work.

Knitting used to "just work." Why am I having such issues? I think I feel rushed. I haven't had a lot of time lately to just sit down and knit. So I feel like knitting time is precious and every second counts. When I mess up and my net progress is zero... frustration builds. Time to step away from the needles. I will re-prioritize, rip mercilessly, and report back.

Peace out. At least, that's what I'm going to try to do.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bye Bye Sleeve. Hello Scarf.

I finished my Rippling Waters Scarf. It was a nice easy knit amidst all the packing, moving, and unpacking.
Scarf in a Basket.
Yarn: Malibrigo in Bobby Blue
Amount: 1 skein
Pattern: Shifting Sands by Grumperina
Needles: US11
Started: Nov 2006
Finished: 24 Jun 2007
Hi Mom... does this post satisfy?
Fish Face.
Kissy fishy... You can see my new drapes hung in the background of this one.

Right now I'm having a fit of fickle. I can't decide what to do!!! With anything!!! So I've decided to get up close and personal with my stash. Go stash shopping, catalogue all the fun yarns I have, and start something new. Ravelry has made this task lots of fun, actually. However, Ravelry also distracts... and conspires... and convinces you to rip perfectly good sleeves in lieu of a cuter version. I have fallen for the shorter sleeve. It makes so much sense... I can't believe I didn't think of it. That Winnie... she's always coming up with the cute mods.

Long Sleeve.
You say goodbye. I say hello.

I also started 2 other projects... but that's news for another day. Good night!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Crazy Busy

Ok. So the internet is hooked up at our apartment. Which is really sweet.

However, I have been an extremely busy girl. The last two weekends I went backpacking in Sequoia with Eric and then Yosemite with Elaine. I have great photos from both, but haven't yet had a chance to upload them.

This weekend, I'm driving up to San Jose to go to my cousin's wedding. I'm excited to go and see my family, but I'm so tired.

Plus, I have been playing around on Ravelry... that place is way too much fun. I can feel the obsessive-compulsive facet of my personality bubble to the surface every time I sign on... Must keep track... of everything!!!

Until next time... enjoy this picture of a cupcake...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Moving Woes...

Hey everybody!

So I didn't disappear, but I did move. And the new apartment it having issues with the Internets. It seems as though the very important cable that gives us the special Internets magic, is sadly missing in our apartment. Bummer. So I'll post pictures and knitting stuff when we finally get access at the apartment! It's not like I have much time to knit right now anywho...

Ciao for now.

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