Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finished Lady.

I finished something big and fabulous: my Lady Eleanor stole. I love her and I've worn her pretty much every day since I finished her. She was blocked during the inauguration of President Obama.
I loved knitting this stole. The silk garden was lovely as ever. Despite all the knots and veggie matter that I had to pluck from the strands, this yarn is pretty awesome. The colors in the colorway are so pretty. I love all of them. And entrelac is so addicting! The squares just speed by, especially when you get the hang of knitting backwards. The fringe took two nights to finish... don't underestimate the fringe! It really makes the shawl. Ok... I had Eric take some shots while we were visiting Ruby, Alice, and Tom last weekend. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Here's a Story...

Well! The holidays are over. I'm a little slow getting back into the routine, but it's hard to come back to reality after such a long vacation. Christmas Gift Knitting this year was a big hit! I managed to take a series of photos of the WIP/FOs before I left for the East Coast.
Christmas Knits 2008!
Quite Brady-esque, dontcha think?
As you can see from the mosaic, I got quite a lot done before leaving on a jet plane, but I still had plenty to finish. There was still 80% of a hat (on US3 needles *eep*), 1 Fetching mitt, and a full pair of man mittens to knit. Not to mention the earrings I wanted to add to the cowl gifts. So did I get everything finished in time??? Oh! the suspense...
Gifted Knits 2008!
Yay! Happy, warm people all around!
I did it!!! I managed to finish everything. PHEW! I've gotta cut back on my gift recipients next year, or start even earlier. It was so fun to see everyone enjoy their gifts! It was really hard this year because I really wanted to keep the majority of the things I knit. The navy/yellow/purple hat for my sister, the squooshy oatmeal hat for brother-in-law, the Fetching mitts, the earrings! It's very satisfying to share my work though. I might even be able to whip up a pattern for the nautical hat I made my sister. It'll be more like a recipe than a pattern though... We'll see.

I have lots more photos to share from my vacation. I'll post more later after I have the energy to process them.

Ok, now back to selfish knitting... Lady Eleanor, here I come!

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