Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Self control.

Ay. I'm so close to finishing my gloves AND my sweater. The gloves only need a thumb. This will be quick and painless. However, the cabled hoodie is in time-out right now.

I seamed the whole thing last weekend and was optimistic that I could get it done. But then the zipper threw me a curveball. Dude, those things are finicky to install. I tried myself using my mom's sewing machine, but that was disastrous. All stretched out and misaligned and WRONG. Then my mom had a go at it, but no dice. *sigh* So I will attempt to handsew the blasted thing in. I will persevere. Hopefully, nice finished object pictures soon so that I can start something new. My self control has been amazing. I really want to start a Flower Basket Shawl. I will use this to motivate myself towards zipper victory. Hopefully...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Krazy Koigu.

I finially finished my first skein of Koigu for the gloves. I'm amazed at how far the one little ball went. I'll have a good bit left over I think... about 30g. I think I'll have to get some coordinating Koigu and make a chevron scarf. Because I really like Koigu and would love to cover myself in it. Nevermind. Scratch that. I saw the Koigu pants in the most recent Vogue knitting magazine and they are just really bad. So I'll stick to Koigu accesories.

Wow! Look how far one skein of Koigu goes!

And now a picture of a ball of yummy Koigu for the heck of it. Have a lovely evening.

Koigu for the sake of Koigu.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Catnip craze.

I have a new friend living with me in my apartment. Introducing the golden Buddah: coolest cat ever.

Attack of Buddah. He really likes catnip.

I had to make him a catnip toy real quick as a housewarming gift. I used the knitty Feline Dim Sum pattern to make a wonton. It was really fast; just a square from some stash wool that is stuffed with some catnip and sewn together.

Kitty wonton.

Buddah's story is pretty crazy. My family adopted him when he was a tiny kitten along with one of his gray sisters Shotze. He grew up to be a really cool cat! He will "talk" to you and he is very inquisitive. He lived with us for about 2 years when he was lost. We put up posters and searched everywhere to no avail. We were sad about losing him, but there wasn't much more we could do.

Fast forward 2 years (I was in TX for training): My family was at a local fair when they saw a poster about a cat that needed a new home because it's owners couldn't keep him in their apartment anymore. The cat looked exactly like Buddah. My parents figured it was a long shot, but went to the local police department where he was being held to check it out anyway. The cat looked like Buddah, acted like Buddah, but was it really him? The police told them that a local family had found him about 2 years ago limping. The family figured he was hit by a car, took him to the vet to get fixed up, and kept him as a pet for the past 2 years. But they were moving and couldn't keep him anymore. My parents were mostly convinced and brought him back home... to his original home! After a little while we are totally convinced that IS Buddah. It's pretty crazy, but true. And now my dad wants to get rid of all our cats (urine and carpet... long bad story) so I brought Buddah up here to live with me. It's fun to have a kitty here to keep me company. :) Have a great day and hug your cat if you have one.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I was on Spring Break last week, so I had time to knit. And knit I did.

I finished all the knitting on my cabled hoodie. Hoods are deceiving. That thing is bigger than a sleeve! But I finished them all, gave them a good wash and conditioning, and they are now pinned out on my bedroom floor back home. I wish I would have bought more pins. Eighty wasn't enough. Anyhow, they will be good and dry by the next time I go home, which probably won't be for 3 weeks. By then my zipper order should be in and I'll sew this baby up.

Pinned down.

Before I left for home, I finished my first glove. Here is a shot of the inside. I love how well the glove is customized to my hand. I can't wait to make the second. Now that the sweater is 150 miles away, I will focus on my other WIPs.

Inside out.

I can't believe I have only 7 weeks of school left. Bizarre.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

At my fingertips.

I started the mitten flap of my girly gloves. I made a nice picot edge, picked up stitches across the back of the glove, joined in the round, and went to town. But it just wasn't meant to be. I wasn't feeling the "this is going to be cool" vibe as I was knitting. So I re-thought the idea of the gloves. They don't want to be practical and useful. They want to be dainty and fun. So I ripped the mitten bugger out.

The beginning... and end of the mitten flap.

The good thing: fingertips are quick and easy. The bad part: if I would have figured this out a week ago, the first glove would be done and the second one would be on its way.

Four fingertips to go...

Yay for swirly girly gloves that have finally figured out what they want to be!

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