Monday, July 17, 2006


I've been knitting the baby sweater, but it's going so slow for some reason. It's a little sweater on decently big needles, you'd think it'd fly by, but NO. Something to do with 22sts on 4 dpns, I suspect. The sleeves are annoying! But cute at the same time. Not to mention that I'm doing intarsia in the round for the giraffe. At least I'm learning something new in this little garment.
Some beach knitting.

I started the little sleevie.

I hope all the math comes out right and this sweater comes together in the end. Only time will tell.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Work totally kicked my butt today; 12+ hour work days are not humane. And it was hardcore, in the lab, spilling resin, smashing glass bottles full of buffer on the floor, overflowing waste beaker all over the lab bench, splashing nasty water bath water in my face type work. Thank goodness I had free reign to use our department intern as my buffer slave for the day or I would have never survived. She was such a good sport about it too! Filtered more buffer than I asked her to and everything!

I got home at 10:15pm and I was too wired to just go to bed. So I sat down and I knit. These are the things that I am presently working on...
Works in progress...

I restarted the sherbet scarf. I decided it was too wide and it wouldn't turn out long enough with the two balls I bought, so I started over. The new is on the left and the old is on the right. I like the narrower scarf much better. The stripes are cooler. Haha. The next object, the little turquoise blob, is a Dream Swatch (pdf) with the leftover bamboo yarn from Kaitlin's shawl. The yarn is waaaay too pretty to go to waste, so I'm making a little head scarf with it. And finally, peeking out of the corner is the crumpled up Leaf Lace shawl. She is coming along nicely.
Yarns and the maths for the baby sweater.

Nextly, I'm designing a baby sweater for a friend who had a baby in the beginning of Jun... I'm using The Sweater Workshop as a guide to make a bottom-up raglan sweater in the round. I think it will turn out pretty cute. My inspiration is from a different book... I'm going to put a giraffe on the tummy and stripes on the sleeves like the sweater below. Only different colors and construction, of course.
Such a cute giraffe with the dangly feets and everything!!!

Ok. I'm not wired anymore. Definitely sleepy. Time for bed! Another crazy day in the lab tomorrow. Thank goodness for overtime.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Long weekend!

Sigh. This holiday weekend was great. Eric came out to visit me in California. It was our one year anniversary and we had a wonderful time! However, he had to leave today which causes my heart to ache. Long distance love is freaking hard. Sigh again. I miss you already Eric. But back to the good stuff. We went up to San Francisco on Sunday to meet up with Kaitlin and Seth. We had a great time at the Teatro Zinzanni. On Monday we hung out in San Fran for a little then headed back down south along Hwy 1. There was amazing views of the coast along the way, but Eric's camera was out of juice. We camped among the redwoods on Monday night and then made it down to Ventura for fireworks Tuesday night. Here are some pictures from the fun and there are more on flikr (click the photos on the sidebar to the right)...
Driving up the 101 to San Francisco!

Great food and fun at the Teatro Zinzanni. Eric, me, Kaitlin, and Seth!

On the curviest road in San Fran: Lombardi... that hill is STEEP.

A view of the Golden Gate on our way out of town.

Fun at the beach before the fireworks.

I was too busy this weekend to knit. There was too much fun to be had. It was truly a weekend full of memories.

Thanks for coming to visit Eric. I love you!

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