Sunday, October 09, 2005

Quick knittin'

I had a wonderful weekend. I did nothing. But it was wonderful. I spent time with my guy and mostly relaxed. Friday we went out to dinner and I ate sushi! Sushi!!! Who knew I'd like that? Then we watched Sling Blade. Mmmmhm. Good movie, even though it's a bit sad. On Saturday, we got TONS of rain in Eastern PA from Hurricane Tammy. There were many roads flooded. We went to the mall to walk about and on the way back home we had to divert several times because of flooded roads. It was a little freaky but we made it home safely. Then PSU kicked ace which was awesome to see... I can't believe how well they are doing. GO STATE. Sunday we watched yet another movie, Tombstone. I'd have to say that I didn't like that one as much as I expected too. Owell.

I got to knit this weekend too. Yoohoo. I started this scarf on the way to State College a couple weekends ago, but I wasn't happy with the needle size/pattern. So the smaller "scarf" you see on the left is the swatch. I finally tweaked the pattern to my liking and got started on the scarf using the second skein on Saturday morning because I didn't want to rip the first one. It was a quick knit on size US10 needles and I finished the first skein during our marathon couch potato session this weekend. It's SO SOFT. I can't wait till it's done.

So soft!

So now I must study. I have an exam tomorrow. Oh boy. ♥

PS. Thanks for all the comments about my nano! It's great! I love it! Such fun! And if anyone really wants, I could post a little pattern for the cozy... I used a bit of Elann Esprit I had laying around and an eyelet pattern I made up off the top of my head.


Lynette said...

you're making great progress on the scarf. i can't recall where i've seen that pattern, but it's nice.

Rob said...

Very cool stitch on the Landscape scarf. Can you tell me what it's called? And wasn't yesterday's game with Michigan a heartbreaker...

Manda said...

Hi Rob,

I'm not sure what the stitch on my Landscapes yarn is called, but the pattern is here...
The pattern is kinda funky, but after awhile it becomes easy.

And yes... the PSU game was very sad... it was an amazing game. It just ended so quickly... :(

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