Monday, November 27, 2006

Holidays are awesome.

I had a great Thanksgiving holiday! I hope everyone else did as well. I flew to Allentown, PA to hang out with Eric and his family. It was practically perfect. Very relaxing and we did lots of fun things like shooting clay pigeons with shotguns, eating yummy pizza with good friends, wandering through the woods, wine tasting, a Gov't Mule concert, and brewing some beer.

But... I'm getting ahead of myself. First let's start with a picture of my protege student Elaine and the hat she knit for her brother! She finished it the night before we all scattered for Thanksgiving. I'm sure her bro loved it!
We were video chatting with Eric. Hi Eric!
Now for some pictures from the visit back East. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. I didn't knit much, but I did start a scarf. I also ate way too much deliciously good food...

In the light of the setting sun.
Cool lookin' lichen.
Malabrigo scarf from the Shifting Sands pattern. Only blue... Rippling Waters?
Picturesque views in the Penna countryside.
And just tonight I finished up a hat for Eric. It's warm and soft and it matches his socks!
Wow... my coffee table is cluttered.Topview.
Now it's time for bed... I'm still on East Coast time. *Yawn*

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