Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've Got it Bad...

Startitis is rearing its impatient little head. Lately (strangely?), I've slipped into a relatively monogamous knitting habit. It's very satisfying to see rapid progress on a project when it is your sole focus.

That said, I'm now itching to start something new. I've been slogging away on the edging of the Print O' The Wave stole. I started this sucker in Aug 2007 and I'd like to finish it before it's year anniversary. The end is in sight! I've finished half of the edging...
Slogging Along.
Right now it looks like a crinkled mess, but I have faith it will become a beautiful butterfly once it gets to stretch it's wings. I can't wait to block it! I have a suspicion it might be huge...

So I made myself wait until I reached this halfway point in the edging before starting something new... but what to start?? So many choices!! I've had a cable craving lately, so I may start this cabled v-neck, Catriona.
I was surprised to see that the pattern doesn't have a chart for the cables, but it's a free pattern so I can't complain too much. I decided to make up a cable chart for my own sanity. If anyone would like a copy, I think I could share it. I don't think that violates any copyright because it's a free pattern... Can anyone shed light on that? I have some Calmer in my stash that would work really well. However, I'm not wild about the royal blue color (I was defenseless against a 50% off sale in my early knitting days). I'm also worried that I won't have enough yardage in my 6 balls of Calmer. I did a dying experiment back in the day and I like the green and purple results I got... but do I really want to dye all that yarn??? I want to knit cables now! I might research over-dying to see if that's a feasible option...

Anywho... I've been hankering to start some socks with all this lovely sock yarn I've been accruing. And tada! Knitty comes through... I'm loving the Spring forward socks and I have a perfect springy green yarn in the stash to knit it with! Sweet!

I also highly enjoy Ziggy and have some Noro sock that would be perfect... so many choices!

Welp, I'm off to cast-on something! See ya next time!
P.S. I've uploaded a ton of photos of my recent adventures: boxer puppies, black lab puppies, high sierra hikes, fun NY weddings...

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