Monday, May 19, 2008

S to the izzle

I did it! I restored the *sssss* to Sizzle. Woot!
During the re-do, I learned that I'm pretty darn good at weaving in ends. I had the hardest time trying to take the shoulder seams out. It's a good thing I had extra yarn because I ruined quite a bit of yardage once I got frustrated and the scissors came out.
It was also interesting to see how much blocking can effect yarn. I had been worried about this yarn because I couldn't seem to keep even tension but blocking did wonders!
Blocking Does Wonders.
This yarn is a bit splitty but it drapes and shimmers beautifully!
I like the seed stitch border at bottom and neckline, but I omitted the edging on the armholes.
As everyone commented, I'm really glad that I ripped back and fixed it to fit my image. Yay for quick patterns! I knit this little thing in two weeks!!! It flew off my needles. This yarn has been marinating in my stash for years. It feels really good to stashbust. I originally bought it for the Honeymoon cami but I think Sizzle is a bit more wearable with the wide straps. I finally knit and finished something in the appropriate season! Ravelized here.

I have another FO to show... but I'll save that for another time. Cheers!

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