Friday, August 15, 2008

Might As Well...

...ease back into blogging. I'm sorry for my suckage at blogging this summer. After awhile, if I don't post, it's just easier not to because there is so much to blog about! Enough excuses. Everyone's life is busy. So I'll get on with it. Let's start recent and go back... This is going to be photo intense and pretty random. Hit rewind!!!
I've been staying up to late watching the Olympics. Why do they have to broadcast them so late??!?! This is the state of my Ravelympics project last night. This is 6 days of knitting. Only 8 more left to finish! Yikes. I think it's doable.
Eric and I went up to Napa last weekend.
We drank wine.
I knit on my Ravelympics project.
While he raced his mountain bike.
Farmer's Market
I went to the Farmer's Market in TO last week. They had stipey eggplant! And pretty flowers.
I finished my Shetland Triangle shawl just in time to start my Ravelympics project. It's beautiful. I love it. More pics of me modeling it later.
Eric and I hiked to the top of Alta Peak: 11,204ft high, ~4000ft elevation gain by foot, 16mi roundtrip. I was hurtin after this one, but the view from up there was worth it.
We got to visit Ruby. I'm happy to report, she's still adorable.
I finished the Spring Fling socks during the Tour de France.
My sister came to visit and modeled Tessa's birthday present.

Ok, ok... I'm going to pause the way back machine for a moment... There is more to come though! So stay tuned... I'm not lying when I say I've been busy!

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