Friday, February 27, 2009

Malibrigo Madness.

Recently it's been all Malbrigo yarn around here. I've been stashing Malbrigo for awhile now. I just love love love how soft and squooshy the yarn is... plus the colors are fabulous. And I just got my grubby mitts on some Malbrigo sock in Archangel. Goooooorgeouuuuus.
I couldn't resist! I cast-on for an Alhambra scarf with haste! Then, after I finished my spiral boot socks*, I cast-on for a Merino Malbrigo hat. I started with the Koolhaas pattern, but the skein of Cuarzo I have is too varigated and it obscured all those lovely cables. So I switched to Felicity.
I love it! The colors pooled so perfectly for the first part of the hat. It almost looks like stripes, but it's actually a lazy spiral. Awesome!
It was a super quick knit too... only a couple evenings of knitting. Highly recommended. Happy knitting!
*Spiral Boot Socks are having a few slouching problems currently. Tsk tsk. Bad posture never flattered anyone. Unfortunately, when I blocked them, they grew a bit. So I have to buy some Rainbow Elastic to remedy the problem. I'll take some pics when they are completely finished.

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Sophy said...

i know what you mean--i can't resist malabrigo! so soft and warm. such beautiful colors. i'm currently knitting a swallowtail shawl in the laceweight merino ;D

i love the lazy spirals of your felicity! i think i have to make one now.

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