Monday, February 21, 2005

Clapotis Photo Shoot!

So as I said, there are tons of pictures of the lovely Clapotis in this post. I made them smaller in size to help out the ease of viewing, but you can always click for bigger pics. :)

First a little story. Clapotis was whizzing along and I couldn't stop! Would I have enough yarn? The suspense was too much! Let's just say, I was up until 4am when OH NO!!! The picture below is when I ran out of yarn. I had about 4 more decreases until the final section of the pattern. I was defeated. I went to sleep and resolved to finish/fix it in the morning when I woke up.

Denial isn't only a river in Egypt.

I ended up using some long ends I had left myself when changing balls (in order to match up color) to spit-n-splice myself 2 more feet of yarn. With that much length, I cobbled together this semi-graceful end to Clapotis. Not ideal, but it works just fine for me. You can see the beginning and the end of Clapotis below.

We will MAKE it work.

And now on to the photo shoot. Ok. Just a warning. I got progressively creative (and perhaps a bit scandalous by the end). But I was having fun with this amazingly versatile scarf!

First, the shoulder wrap. Sweet and sophisticated.

Shoulder wrap Clapotis.

Now a shot of Clapotis as a shawl. It's amazing how this baby stretches. She's probably 2' by 5.5' fully extended.

Shawl Clapotis.

Then I discovered that Clapotis was at home... on my head! As a babushka! Heh.

Babushka Clapotis.

Or maybe a more "chic" head wrap?

Head wrap Clapotis.

She then got back to her roots, as a scarf.

Scarf Clapotis.

Clapotis as a belt is not so practical... But practicality is not really important in these next few pictures.

Belt Clapotis .

After the belt... I got really creative. "This would make a cool tank top..." I thought to myself...

Asymmetric tank top Clapotis.

And then came this...

OH MY Clapotis.

LOL. I hope I did not offend anyone's sensibilities. Needless to say, Clapotis will not be worn in many of these configurations. However, with inspiration from others, I could not resist! Have a great night!


Anonymous said...

very nice, and the scarf's cool too. Congrats on the finished Clapotis!

~ L said...

u go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

ohmygosh!! Clapotis is beautiful!!! I'm absolutely in love with it!
Miss you bunches girlie! ~Jackie

Anne-Caroline said...

I love your Clapotis photo shoot - it's hysterical! I just started Section 3 and I am perusing to see if anyone makes any comments about the slipped stitches, since it's not clear to me whether to slip them knitwise, purlwise, or in the direction of the row. So far I have just slipped them knitwise each row and it looks good...I think. Great blog!

Jayleigh said...

Clapotis turned out beautifully and I loved the photo shoot. I'm diggin' the swirly gloves, too. Good job!

jess said...

beautiful clapotis! what yarn did you use?

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