Thursday, February 03, 2005

Re: Designing

The one thing about designing is you can't be afraid to take a trip to the frog pond. I was knitting the thumb gusset on my glove when I realized the glove wasn't getting wide enough. My wrist is much smaller than the widest part of my palm so I have to increase to accommodate the difference. I should have charted this out before starting just to get an idea of the increases I need. So I printed out some handy dandy knitter's graphing paper in the appropriate gauge, traced my hand, and charted out some increases.

Bad news for le Swirly Glove.

Eek! I guess I should be optimistic and remind myself how fun it is to knit with Koigu. *sigh* And that this glove will actually FIT my hand. Like a glove. Kind of important.

Ribbit, ribbit.

It's fun to post in the morning. :) OH! And in the picture above you can see my stitch marker/safety pin/darning needle holder. It's the Very Cherry Gum tin I bought it at Target. After I finished the gum, I decided that it would be a great "thingy" holder. I highly recommend these snappy tin things. They are fun to open and close too. And they make cool *POP* noises when opening. *POP*

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