Monday, April 14, 2008


To knit in the round being careful not to TWIST...

Ugh. I have made a total ROOKIE MISTAKE. And I'm annoyed.
See that? Is that 8" of sweater body? No? Wait... That's not a tube of stockinette. That's A !&#(*#@*& MOBIUS STRIP. (How ironic that the Wikipedia article has a knitted mobius strip as one of the illustrations of the amazing mathematical quandary.)

I can't believe it! I swear I checked multiple times during the progress of this knitting and it was never a one-sided geometrical object until tonight. I SWEAR!!! Do you get the feeling that this amazes me? How in the heck did I miss that?? Jeez. Not to mention that I'm not getting anywhere near the same gauge with my Knitpicks options needles as I did on the sleeves with the dpns. Hmmm. I hear the ball winder calling my name.

Anyway, here is something pretty to look at... the wildflowers are still painting the hills on the way up to Eric's place:
Yellow, Purple, Orange!

Sigh. Darn it. Back to square one.

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