Sunday, November 28, 2004


Thanksgiving break was great! I ate lots of delicious food - all the traditional turkey day faire. I must say that there were some awesome pies and pumpkin puffs in attendance this year. Yum.

I had some second thoughts about the brown yarn I used in the swatch for my sister's felted clutch. It didn't seem to felt at the same rate as the lighter yarn. So during Black Friday, I went to JoAnn's at 7:30 am (!) and picked up (among other things...) a ball of grey wool. I knit this swatch in a different pattern. It's a herringbone! I rather like it. But I'll leave the decision to Kaylee. Hi Kaylee. :) The grey yarn seems to felt more evenly with the cream so I think I'll stick with the cream and grey combo.



Below is a gratuitous picture of the completely finished poncho. I love how it turned out with the pompoms. I washed it and it fluffed up to be SO. SOFT. I was amazed. I wanted to keep it for myself. Maybe I'll pick up a more "grown-up" color of the boucle and knit myself one.

lovely pompoms

Some of the "other things" from JoAnn's include polar fleece remnants that I'm planning on knitting! I experimented with this bright pink fleece. I had to use US17 to get a loose enough fabric. I think the hat that I am planning will be super warm and soft. I have another thinner microfleece with a colorful pattern to make another hat with. It's fun to find different things to knit. That's the cool thing about knitting; it's so freaking customizable! Haha. Ugh. I'm such a knitting dork. Oh well.

knitting with polar fleece

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