Monday, November 08, 2004

Fringe is fun!

Well, I'm back from the week of military h*ll. I spent many hours in chem gear and gas mask while "missles" and "small arms fire" surrounded the medical clinic that I was assigned to. Everything was simulated, of course. But it really hits you when you are standing with all this gear and shrapnel protective flak vest weighing you down that people are fighting and dying overseas in the very same uniform, so I really have no room to complain.

On a brighter note, I finished my cousin's poncho. Well, 99% finished. I still want to make two pompoms to attach to the drawstring I added at the neckline. I just wanted an excuse to make pompoms. Elizabeth is only 6 and is much smaller than me, but I tried to model it anyway. I will definitely add pics of Elizabeth in the poncho, cause I'm sure she will be super cute. I love the FRINGE! I fringed this baby during the Steeler's awesome game. Wee!

Finished poncho!
Then I had the awesome idea to have Libby, our chocolate lab, try on the poncho... Haha. Before she got hopelessly tangled up in the poncho, I got this shot of her trying to eat my camera. Libby is so crazy, but we love her.

Attack of the poncho wearing dog!!!

So that project can be put in the "Finished Christmas Gifts" pile. Now to the other three. How many days till Christmas???

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Anonymous said...

hey it's natalie...the fringe looks sooo good! i just taught myself to cast off and finally finished this stupid dishcloth thing. just wanted to let you know. i can't wait to go get some good yarn and make my first scarf!

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