Sunday, October 31, 2004

What % Obsession

It seems I have figured out how to work the dynamic percentage bars for the progress of my knitting projects. My WIPs seem pretty pathetic now. It's evident that I have done a great job planning wonderful projects, but not enough progress. It all comes down to actual time I have to knit, which is not very much nowadays. Is it sad that I count having the yarn for a project 2%? I am considering making pattern aquisition worth another 2%....

In other news, if I don't post for a week, it's because I have to fufill some military duties. I am in the PA Air National Guard and have been assigned to a decontamination inspection deployment. This means I have to miss a week of school, which is not a good thing. Hopefully, I will have some downtime between playing war and I will be able to squeeze in some knitting.

Oh! and Happy Halloween!


Lisa said...

I think your progress bars are lovely. I usually give the first 2-5% just for the basic starting formalities, too. :)

I wish I had something good to say regarding your military duties. Be safe!

unravelme said...

Hi! I just surfed on to your site via the Knitting Blogs webring. I added percentage bars to my blog last week, too, and actually contemplated adding 1% or 2% just for the purchasing of yarn, as well! So no, I don't think it's sad. ;)

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