Thursday, October 28, 2004

The goods.

Today, I made the trip to Knitters Underground and it was glorious! Unfortunately, I was having too much fun and forgot to take pictures. Ooops. Just imagine cones upon cones of beautifully colored wool hanging on the walls, super soft skeins of alpaca, cozy hanks of cotton, and of course the obligatory novelty fuzz yarns. Along with bunches of colorful sock yarn and tons of needles! It was really fun. The store is the bottom floor of a big white house and I'll definitely be visiting again. Soon.

I wanted to get some yarn for myself so badly, but I surprised myself with constraint. I found this gorgeous ultrasoft merino yarn in beautiful muted blues, but I resisted it's siren call. However, if those little beauties are still there when I next visit, those skeins will be mine. I did find perfect yarns for both Paul's hat (on the left) and Jason's gloves (on the right).

Woohoo! Lovely yarns.

Paul asked for a light olive green, but I could only find lime-y greens or dark olives, so I settled on tweedy brown silky wool. I LOVE THIS YARN. It's an awesome color and it is so soft! I can't wait to knit with it. My brother, Jason, asked for blue gloves. Well kid... I hope you like green cause you're getting green ones. Hehe. I couldn't find enough skeins in the blue, so I went for the equally nice green with brown flecks of fuzz mixed in. I want to start both projects right now. But I think I should finish something first... Or do homework... yeah. Homework.

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