Thursday, October 21, 2004

And now, a post about current knitting.

I have been knitting as much as school allows and here is the proof! I finished my sister’s skinny striped scarf. It was itchy itchy but I washed it and it softened up. I think it’s pretty cute. I used a 1x1 rib on size 5 US needles. It used one skein of Lion Brand Magic Stripes in the Jelly Bean colorway with much of the red removed. In the first picture below you can see the silly little bundles of red I tied off on the sides.

I often knit this scarf while reading Biochemistry. Heh.

Fun skinny scarf. Pay no attention to the messy room behind me....

I also finished off a skein of Lion Brand Homespun in Baroque I had lying around in a seed stitch scarf. This was on huge 15US needles so it went really fast. Two nights of TV knitting and this baby was finito! I think that this may become a gift scarf. We will see.

Ooo la la.

I also started a Cotton Candy version of the Very Harlot Poncho for Mike’s little 6 year old cousin. She is a sweetie and I hope she likes it! Her mother was wishing she could give her a poncho for Christmas so I volunteered to knit one. I’ve wanted to use the Very Harlot Poncho pattern for awhile now.

It's so fluffy!

I also have been knitting my Cabled scarf row by row, writing down the pattern as I make it up. It’s mostly the Clapotis pattern, but apparently not Clapotis enough so no more knit-along. Oh well. I probably should focus on all my own projects anyway. I have so many knitting ideas in my head that I’m starting to get overwhelmed. I’m going to try to organize all my ideas so I don’t forget any. I was thinking about using a color-coded index card system… is that crazy and just-plain OCDish? I just need to straighten out my jumbled ideas for projects-to-be, Christmas gifts, current works in progress… I’ll update on how Project Knitting File-O-Fax goes.

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Lisa said...

I really like the jellybean scarf! It's so cute and those colors are great. I think that's the only Magic Stripes colorway I really like...

Sorry this comment is so late. I started one before but either Blogger was down or I got called away and forgot to comment. :)

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