Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I just had the very frustrating experience of a DEAD CAR BATTERY. I just wanted to run to the store for some groceries, but nope. It wasn't to happen. My dad is thinking that since I only take my car out for short little 5-10 min drives, the battery was slowly exhausting itself and never really getting a full charge. I haven't really driven it for a long distance since the beginning of November. I need to drive home this weekend though. That's a nice long drive to let my battery charge, but I still need a jump! Have I ever jumped a car before?? Nooo. Do I even have jumper cables??? Nooo. I have seen it done a couple times. Boo. This is no fun. Atleast I wasn't in the middle of nowhere as Mikey pointed out. That would have been bad. Ugh. I really wanted to go to the store too. Just to get away from campus for awhile. On to knitting!!! Well. Actually that will have to be a seperate post because I didn't upload the pictures first. :) That Hello program is a bit odd in that respect... Or maybe I'll check out Flickr... yesh.

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