Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My busy weekend.

This weekend was so busy, but I had a lot of fun visiting everyone back home. I have decided to share a couple pictures from the weekend, but fear not! There is knitting content at the end!

Friday night, I went over to one of Mike's relative's house and ate a delicious dinner. Ethan (my nephew-to-be) is starting to walk! He's really getting the hang of it and he is SO CUTE!

The cutie is starting to walk!

Then, on Saturday, I went to the Bands of America competition in Youngstown to see my brother perform. He plays the sax and the band did really well! I miss marching band a lot. It was such a fun experience in high school. I was in the band front (or colorguard). I miss it.

Bands of America Competition.

On Sunday I went to an apple festival in Hickory. I don't have any pictures of apples, but there was a display of birds of prey. They were so regal looking; falcons and hawks. I also got to see a woman making bobbin lace! It was amazing! All the little bobbins and tiny thread... There were a million pins, but it was really pretty!

Birds of prey at the Apple Festival.

And finally, the promised knitting content. I gave my mom her lacey mobius scarf! She was kind enough to model it for me in the two different ways you can wear it: as a hood or a neck wrap. Awww... doesn't she look pretty! I think it came out well. :)

The hood configuration.

The neck wrap: another way to wear said scarf.

Unfortunately, I also caught a cold while I was at home. Now I'm sniffling and coughing and just generally icky. Hopefully it will go away soon! Happy knitting!

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