Sunday, March 05, 2006

I have a problem...

Hey! This weekend I was in Pittsburgh to work. It was a drag, but that's ok... I'm used to it. In fact, this month will mark my 5th year in the Air National Guard. It's crazy how the time has flown. Only one year to go. Anyway, on to the knitting.

I had the opportunity to visit 2 knit shops in downtown Philly last week: Rosie's Yarn Cellar and Loop. I bought yarn. I cannot be stopped. I bought some Cashsoft DK for a proper Odessa with beads. I love the pink color (Bloom) with the pearly beads. It's so freaking girly.

Another Odessa with beads!

I also bought some Cashsoft DK to make an Odessa for a friend (hi Christa!). She requested a Chartreuse color with royal blue beads which is a lovely combination. Oh. I also bought some Malabrigo in Little Lovely (in the lower right hand corner) because it is the softest wool I have ever felt. And the color? It's pink...

More yarn acquisition.

I couldn't decide which royal blue beads Christa would like the most so I'll let her decide.

Which beads?

I also bought some Koigu... but that's for my mom... she made me buy it! I swear!

And finally. I have a problem with my Jaywalker which has caused all progress on the sock to grind to a halt. It just doesn't fit my foot right. The ankle and heel fit well, but the foot is a bit loose and the toe has these weird wing things. I have come to the conclusion that I need to rip back to the gusset and do a few more decreases so the foot is a little more narrow. I might also do a short-row toe, as seen on my sock to the left, because it fits my toes very well. Now, I just need the courage to rip out the whole foot and reknit. Which is kinda depressing, but necessary.

I have a problem with the toe!!!

Eric is in Asheville, NC mountain biking for the entire week! Lucky boy. I can't wait to take vacation. I really need to travel. Anyway, Eric's absences means I'm sure I will have lots of knitting time this week... *sigh*

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