Thursday, June 22, 2006

Flash the stash.

Hello. My name is Amanda. I am addicted to yarn.
Look at that! P.S. The overlapping "circles" of color are fiber blends... cool huh?
I was unpacking some boxes from the move and decided it would be a good time to take stock of the stash, reassess, and rearrange. I started to arrange according to fiber, so I thought that was pretty cool. I like my stash. It's pretty... But it's bigger than it should be. Last time I counted, I had 15,238yds of yarn. That's more than 9.5mi of yarn. Phew. I'm not going to go on a yarn diet or anything, but I seriously have some yarn from a LONG time ago that has yet to be knit. I also have 3 socks without mates. Maybe, I'm not a sock knitter. But I'm going to keep trying.

Now that I have all my yarn out of storage, I can refocus on some projects that were pushed to the wayside. Reprioritize. Ya know? A lot of this yarn is for scarves to give as gifts. It would be nice to always have a gift scarf on the needles and maybe there wouldn't be such a scramble at Christmas. My stash has such potential. I get all excited... and overwhelmed... by all the knitting projects marinating in there. Sweaters, hats, scarves, socks, mittens, shawls... all waiting to take shape.

*******several hours later*******Organization. SWEET!
Well here it is all put away. It's a good thing yarn is compactable. It squishes very nicely into plastic bags and into wicker baskets. On the left on the floor by the couch there are two baskets; one for current projects with room for inspiration yarn (for upcoming projects) and one for scarf yarn. The rest of the stash is tucked away nice and neat on the shelves of the computer desk. Nice.

Hello. How do you do?
Also, I have been knitting. Miss Smokey Bolero has half a front trim. The ribbing is actually going very quickly with the short rows and all. I really like this yarn. Wonderful blend of stuff that Debbie Bliss Cathay. I especially like the shimmer the touch of silk gives. OK. To bed I said.

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