Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Oh boy.

I have been busy. Very busy. I was in Pittsburgh for a week (last week) being recertified as an EMT for the Air National Guard. It was actually more like a vacation than military duty because I was able to spend time with my family and my favoritest boy, Eric. Now I'm playing catch up at work. Nothing like a 12 hour work day to bring you back to reality.

Now on to the subject of this blog... the knitting that I do along the way on all of my adventures... And I will begin by thanking my sister Kaylee for modeling all my WIPs while she is visiting me this week!!!

I took a lot of knitting with me to Pittsburgh, figuring that I would get a lot done... Not so much. I did finish one thing: the Sherbet Scarf. I was stuck at the San Diego airport during a security breech fiasco for 3 extra hours. It was during this time that I started - and completed - the second half of the scarf. When we were forced to evacuate the terminal and go back through security, knitting the scarf helped to pass the time while the people standing behind me in line were being horrible pessimistic and predicting that the flight would be cancelled. Argh.
Yay for yummy stripes!

I also got a fair bit of the dream swatch knit during this travel time.
Here, Kaylee models the proper wear of the dream swatch.

However, the poor baby sweater was not touched the entire time I was away... There it sits. Ready for a yoke... Finish me! it cries... Soon.
Kaylee is bigger than a 6mo. baby.

I knit a lot on the Leaf Lace shawl. This one will be finished shortly. I don't want to reveal too much because I want to surprise the mommie. Shhhh!

And I also started something new! Introducing, the Mountain Man Socks. On the way to LAX, I stopped at a couple yarn stores in LA. At one of these fine stores, A Mano Yarn Center, I bought some Trekking XXL in Olive to make Eric some socks. While he was napping on the couch, I measured his feets and started some socks! Eric has large feet... these socks are enormous on my skinny feet, but they fit him just fine. Hopefully, these will be a pair before Labor Day... that is my goal so that he can wear them while we hike in Washington!!! Trekking has such cool color variations and yet this colorway is manly!!! Alright!
Modelled on the hand because the feet are too dirty...

I also bought some Socks that Rock in Apple Valley Road because I couldn't resist the pinks!!! Boy and girl socks for the boy and the girl.
Dude. I'm tired. Hopefully, I'll have time to knit again soon. I need another vacation. And thanks again for being such a sport Kaylee!

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