Saturday, March 10, 2007


A couple nights ago, I was looking through some of the oldest digital pictures in my iPhoto library. My dad was always interested in the newest technology so I have digital pictures from 1996. (More on those later...) While browsing, I found a couple of gems from a bit more recently: 2002.
The Crochet Experiment.
So beautiful. LOL
This was the first yarny adventure I had. I was stuck in Omaha, NE working at an AFB hospital. I didn't have a car and so I had limited choices for entertainment. One of my fellow airmen decided that she was going to knit an afghan to fill the copious down time and I begged her to teach me how to crochet. I didn't quite grasp the idea of crochet at first and was decreasing unintentionally, giving the scarf a wonderful flared end. Hahaha. I ended up finishing the striped scarf and gifting it to my sister for Christmas. I even figured out how to increase on the other end to match the accidental flare. Around this time I also discovered knit blogs at the internet station down the hall. I decided that I really, really wanted to learn to knit so I asked my mom to get me a 'learn to knit' book and yarn for Christmas.
And So It Begins.
So on my winter break, before going back to school after a semester off, I taught myself how to knit. The yarn in that picture became my first scarf that I still wear often.
Scarf Hard at Work.
Camping in Big Sur 2006.
And I've been knitting ever since...

Oh, and here are a couple of funny digital photos from so long ago...
I think I was 14 in this picture... I was learning how to scuba dive and my family was going to watch my first dive in a freezing cold quarry.
So funny! Hi Kaylee... don't hate me for putting this picture on here. :)

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