Friday, January 07, 2005

First FOs of OhFive

Sorry for the unannounced break from blogging. I have been enjoying my time off from school. When I get back to school I will have a new look for my blog. I was going to update it for the new year, but all the graphics are on my computer at school. Ooops. I've been doing lots of knitting (and some beading). My Christmas gifts took a bit longer than Christmas to make... but they were finished eventually.

Tessa (hi!) asked for a cell phone cozy like mine. Well, I made some improvements to the design: adding a drawstring and an opening on the bottom for the charger. I really like the colors. It's a little cell phone sock. It was a quick knit too. And my official "First FO of OhFive."

Cell phone cozy.

My sister's herringbone clutch and her boyfriend's military style hat both turned out well. I designed both of them from scratch and I'm especially proud of the hat. I'll get better pictures and pattern specs later, but here is a pic of both in action. Kaylee is in the foreground with the clutch and Paul is in the backround with the hat. We were at PepBoys... heh.

Action shot.

Also, Mikey got a new toy. A Dell Axiom for his re-entry as a full-time student. I put the shipping boxes to good use...

New toy.

I made a make-shift swift! I bought some lovely Koigu to make myself girly gloves and the hanks needed to be wound into balls. Mikey, who helped me wind a ball previously by being a swift, refused to employ his hands in anything other than playing with his Axiom soooo I used my engineeing saavy to make this setup.

Dell boxes put to good use.

I have many more pictures and things planned for this blog. Classes start next Monday the 10th, so look for more posts then when I'm back with my usual computer.


Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanted to say this is the prettiest cell phone cozy I have ever seen. Now I suddenly feel that I want to knit one too :). I like reading your blog looking at your projects, and first time I'm commenting cos that cell phone cozy is just so pretty! - erin from Singapore(I have no blog so I'm posting anonymously)

Anonymous said...

Tessa the cell phone cozy!! I have been secretly checking the blog each and every day in hopes of a sneak peek for my highly anticipated cell phone cozy. I am very excited to give my cell phone a new 'home'. My cell phone thanks're the best! very creative little knitter you :)

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