Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Cotton coup d'état.

As warmer weather has blessed State College, I have turned to my stash of cotton yarn for springy knitting. The cotton yarn reigns supreme right now. I started a new scarf that is CROCHETED! No way. It's really weird to crochet. Using a crochet hook is a very unfamiliar movement for my hands. But it's fun. And who can resist these Rainbow Brite colors??? I'm making a long lengthwise-striped scarf using single crochet. Very simple.

Rainbow Brite scarf.
I also finished this bitty baby sweater for charity through the United Methodist church. It was pretty fun to make; very quick and easy. The only thing is my wrist started to ache if I knit with cotton too long. Dang non-elastic fibers. Hopefully, this tiny sweater will fit a cute newborn somewhere and make his or her mom smile.

Baby sweater ala primary colors.
I have also decided to use my lovely blue Cara Mia yarn in a different form. After knitting on this bias cabled scarf for awhile, I have come to realize I don't like it all that much. I mean, I like the pattern and I love the yarn, I just don't think I would wear a scarf like this very much. So I'm going to make a Mimi Verylong. Hopefully this reincarnation of this yarn will work out. Third times a charm? Right.

Doomed blue scarf.
Ooo, it's raining! April showers, finally. I was so nice out earlier today! Valerie, Kristy, and I were walking around downtown State College all day. I got my hair cut (twice), donated blood (yay for O- blood), and got a free Ben & Jerry's ice cream cone (Mint Chocolate Chunk)! Fun day.

One last thing, I'm working on a redesign for my site, so keep an eye out. I love making new graphics. I can't help myself, even though I really like the layout now. Have a great day!


Jayleigh said...

I am learning to knit, but crochet is my first love. I said the same thing as you, the movement is unfamiliar to my hands.

Great pics! You're probably the most prolific knitter I know!

Pam said...

I am a knitter and I have learned to crochet a little. The movement is a bit strange at first, but I got used to it. I love the new look of your site.


la chica alta said...

First time commenter. Thank you for posting the pic of your biased cable scarf. I know that you have had second thoughts about it, but it has given me a wonderful inspiration to fix my Clapotis problem. Nice blog! I'll be checking it out from now on.


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