Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I haven't felt much like blogging lately for some reason. And school is coming to an end, which means craziness with homework, presentations, exams, ect.

It was gorgeous out today. It was nice to be outside in just a light sleeveless shirt. Not really conducive weather to knitting warm woolen objects. Not to mention that last weekend my wrist started hurting in an alarming way when I was knitting a baby sweater out of Cotton-Ease. I had to stop knitting because of the pain!!! That has never happened to me before. So I haven't knit much since. So... I'll show you a picture of a sweater my mom knit. She is way more prolific than I am; she knit 9 sweaters last year! This is just one of them. Pretty non?

My mom knits a lot.
And now a sneaky peeky of my finished cabled hoodie before it was finished. It is finished now, but wouldn't you know that spring has decided to sprung. Too warm for wool and alpaca.

Blurry and unfinished.
Back to homework. And writing technical reports about process control and CSTRs (Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors). Fun.

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two fabulous sweater! wow.

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