Thursday, November 20, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For.

I cracked! I couldn't take all the gift knitting... so far I've finished a pair of socks, a hat, 2.5 washcloths. That's pretty good progress, right? I deserve a little knitting love, too? Right?
Stole Beginnings.
So I started Lady Eleanor. All that pretty Noro was calling my name in it's silky, multi-hued voice. I would like large-ish squares for my stole, so I changed the pattern to 11 stitch squares on US7s, instead of 8 stitch squares. I cast-on for the recommended 7 triangles for the setup tier and happily knit away. I had great fun figuring out the entrelac and knitting backwards. Watching the pretty colors shift... While I was knitting I thought to myself, this is a bit too tight of a gauge... I wish it were a bit more drapey. But I was halfway into the 1st tier!! No way was I starting over. HA! I should know better than to think wishful thoughts. Even worse, I mentioned it to Gina at work today, warning that she might want to start her stole on US8s. Well, the knitting gods heard me. As I finished the 1st tier, I realized that the thing was a bit wiiiiide.
Too Wide.
30" wide is 6" too wide... I should have only done 5 set-up triangles (55sts).
I guess I will get to knit it on US8s. That's what I get for wishful thinking. And cheating on my gift knits. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Too bad it didn't work out how you wanted it - the colours are looking so pretty. Good luck with the next attempt!


Preita said...

I knit my whole lady E on 8's & I think it turn out perfectly. Bummer about having to start over!

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