Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random Craftiness.

I bought a jersey knit dress on sale from J.Crew a while back. It is a lovely dress, a very flattering fit, but the color was a bit bright for me. I believe it was called Melon? Or maybe Bright Rubarb? Perhaps Neon Orange? Anyway, it was a bit bright for me. Right on the edge of being an OK color, but I thought it might be fun to dye it. I bought a bottle of Rit dye in Wine and collected some rubber bands. I gathered the bottom of the skirt and randomly tied the rubber bands around the bottom foot of gathered skirt. I filled a bucket in my tub with hot water, 1 cup of salt, and a bottle of the Wine dye. It was reaaaaaally dark. It kind of scared me, but I tossed in the dress. After 30 min of soaking, I starting rinsing. Man! That dye did not want to rinse out. I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed some more... the water was still pink! So I tossed it in the washer... I peeked in during the final rinse... the water was still pink! So I'll have to wash this puppy by itself a few more times, but I really like it! The color is awesome now. Check out the cool tie-dyedness!
RIT dyed dress - Front.
RIT dyed dress - Back.
I think the back might be cooler than the front, but oh well. This successful dying experiment is making me want to tie-dye all my boring clothes! Fun!


sjhouser said...

It looks fantastic! I love your blog...and I hope its ok that I added you to my blogroll...I JUST started blogging!
feel free to stop by anytime!


elliebelle said...

Soaking it in vinegar can help with the bleeding. I love the way it turned out! Great job!

Mandie said...

Thanks sjhouser! I've added you to my Google reader too. :)

Awesome vinegar tip, elliebelle. Thanks! I didn't think of that.


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