Friday, November 14, 2008

Vintage post: "Loose ends..."

Here is a vintage post that I forgot to publish back in Oct 06. Whoops! Better late than never:
I have a couple loose ends.

Some to tie up. Some to rip out.

First I'd like to post about an FO that was never really shown on this blog before. It's nothing fancy, but as I was transfering files from my old computer to my new computer I happened to stumble upon the pictures. Introducing the Seafoam Scarf.
The loose end to rip out is referring to my Jaywalker sock. Sigh. It doesn't fit my foot. It fits my ankle very well, but the heel and instep are way too big. I don't have much experience with a heel flap, so I know it can probably be adjusted with something simple, like a shorter heel flap or picking up less stitches... Here's a picture of the ill-fitted-ness... Can anyone help me out here? Or should I just fall back to my old standard, the short row heel?

1 comment:

K8 said...

Yep, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. You'd want to shorten the flap, maybe make it narrower too from the look of your picture. The best thing to do really is take some measurements of your foot and translate that to stitches - that way the sock is personalized to your foot.

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