Thursday, September 09, 2004

Happy 1st Birthday Ethan!

Happy Birthday Ethan! Posted by Hello

The pumpkin hat fits! It fits really well, actually, and I think it will get lots of wear during the fall. :) Isn't he the cutest little kid! When Mike and I are married, I will officially be Aunt Amanda to little Ethan. How lucky am I? His first birthday party was last Sunday and I went home so that I could go to his party. Fun times.

In other news, the school semester is almost 2 weeks old!!! I really love all (or mostly all) of my classes. I'm taking a bunch of fun classes as well as some harder required ones. Fun classes include intro to theater, yoga, and social problems (which doesn't sound that fun, but it's an infamous course at PSU). Even the harder classes are exciting because they are about the biotech field, which is what I did my internship in last summer and what I hope to find a job in when I graduate. There is Ch E 438, which is upstream bioprocessing, and Ch E 448 which is downstream bioprocessing/bioseperations! Yay! Then there is Biochemistry (with a hard*ss professor... not fun) and Biomaterials, which is a graduate level materials science course. However, the Biomaterials professor doesn't believe in exams so it should be relatively stress free. All this comes to 19.5 credits, which is rather hefty. But 7.5 of them are fun!!! So that makes it 12 credits which is definitely doable. *deep breath* I just have to keep telling myself that! :) ♥


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Manda! Jackie Chu here. Your page is darling darling darling and your nephew-to-be in the pumpkin hat is as well. It turned out beautifully!! As did your mini-sweater. You weave a lovely story as well. Hope you and Mike are doing well. Miss you!

um said...

I love the pumpkin hat and the mini sweater - you do great work! Have fun at school!

Anonymous said...

Hi, It's Bianca and Ethan! Cool Site and lots of cool knitting!

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