Monday, September 27, 2004

Wow! I actually finished it!

I finally finished seaming Easy Street during Char*med last night. I really like the end result as it is warm and cozy. It was actually chilly enough this morning to wear it to class. I used Patons Shetland Chunky Frosted Rose (a little over 5 skeins) and the pattern was Easy Street from Patons Street Smart booklet.

My first sweater!

Easy Street from the back.

A couple of lessons I learned from knitting this sweater:

  • I don't particularly enjoy seaming. It took awhile to seam-up because there was a 3 month pause between sleeves, but it's finished. Next time, I will not stop seaming after I start. If I seam it all in one go, it will much better.
  • Next time, knit to fit!!! It's a little short in the torso and the arms. I hadn't quite grasped the concept of knitting to fit your body type when I knit these peices. I am quite tall and thus have longer than average measurements for arms and torso. Must remember this when knitting sweaters in the future.
  • Order more than enough yarn for a sweater! Order an extra ball! I ran out of yarn at the neck line of this sweater. Much scrambling ensued, but it all worked out.

Overall, I am proud of my first sweater! I'm sure there will be many more to come! Yay for finishing!


Lisa said...

Congratulations! The sweater looks lovely. It also looks good with the polka dot cami underneath. :)

Thanks for the advice, too!

Lauren said...

I just bought the Street Smart book, and I was planning to do this sweater in pink too. Thanks for showing your version!! *cute* I really like it.

Love your blog design... found you through Knittikin's site, and I will definitely keep an eye on you!

Take care :)

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