Sunday, September 26, 2004

Knitting with wire.

This weekend, Valerie and I took a trip to Michael's. Valerie was flipping through Simple Knits with a Twist and she noticed the wire knitting among other cool "twists" on knitting. We were inspired to try, so we bought some 26 gauge wire and beads to experiment. I came up with this bracelet! I used US 7 (metal) needles and cast-on 4 stitches. I knit in stockinette which caused most of the beads to show on the purled side so that's the side I used as the "right" side. Then I wove the ends together in some weird grafting and tada! A pretty bangle bracelet.

Knitting with wire!

Extreeeme close-up!

Thank goodness the bracelet isn't too big. Knitting with wire isn't exactly easy on the fingers. My figertips were a little sore afterwards, but it was quick and fun! I want to make more! I wish I could find black wire. I think that would look really awesome. Now Valerie is knitting a bracelet. We only bought one spool of wire so we have to take turns. :) I'll post a picture of hers when she finishes.


Lisa said...

Very cool bracelet. :) Great new banner, too! It looks very elegant. :)

Schazade said...

I love this blog! I, too, am a knit fan. I just finished up a major project for me: A blanket with a simple basket weave pattern.
Your wire bracelets are kickass!

Anonymous said...

Amanda - I love your knitted wire bracelet. It is much prettier than many I have seen. You can get wire in all sorts of cool colors at most bead shops, or go online to The brand they carry is Colourcraft. I know there are other brands. I think one is Artistic Wire. Another one I have bought for cardmaking is Paper Crafting Craft wire. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love bead & wire knitting. I have made 3 bracelets from kits I got from a friends website. Check out the watches and necklaces as well. Her site is
Mary Robinson
St Michaels Md

Anonymous said...

I also love your work. I found black craft wire at Walmart in differant gauges.


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