Monday, September 20, 2004

Oh goodie!

So, I started to write up my pink poncho pattern a week or so ago, when I realized my trusty scrap of envelope that I had scribbled on my notes on had disappeared. Now you have to understand... I moved from near LA to the middle of PA in 2 days, with a pit stop in Pittsburgh (haha) along the way. There was a high likelihood that the scrap of envelope had been tossed. I was sad. But wait!!!

What is this?!?

Could it be?? It is! The scrap of envelope was found today, right where it belongs, in my knitting binder. :) I had looked everywhere but where it should be! Yay! So pattern writing will commence. Also keeping the pattern scribbles company in the pic above is a new WIP!! Ooops. That makes 4... 5... eh. Who's counting anyway? It's Clapotis! From the Fall Knitty. I like the pattern and would absolutely LOVE to make it using the Lion and Lamb it calls for, but it's a bit out of my price range right now. So I'm using a lil skein from my stash. TLC Cara Mia which is sooooo soft. It's acrylic with a dash of angora, so I'm afraid I may have an issue with curly edges. We will see. But the pattern is way fun, with the dropping of the stitches! And the diagonalness. I am making a much more narrow scarf than the original pattern gives, using only 2 repeats of the increase section (instead of 6). I think it will make a nice snuggly scarf. Perfect for fall in State College. Long live scarves!!! The instant gratification makes me happy!

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