Sunday, January 07, 2007

I love pink

Knitting continues on my Mermaid Gloves.
Mermaid Gloves in Pink
Basking in the sun.

I flipped the chart for the second glove which involved figuring out what the mirror decrease of the k2togtbl (knit two together to the back loop) involves. Let me tell ya, it took a 1hr flight and some time away from the frustrating string loops to finally figure it out. BUT. I figured it out myself and, while it might not be perfect, it looks pretty darn close to the opposite of the k2togtbl to me.

For those interested (which may be few) this is what I figured out. K2togtbl slants to the left. So you'd think that you could just do a k2tog as the opposite, but that doesn't give the same "twisted look." In other words the decreased stitch looks too loose compared to the k1tbl, p1 ribbing. Plus, in order for the pattern to flow along the cool scallops in the Pomotomous pattern, the left stitch needs to be on top of the right stitch involved in the decrease. So. This is what I'm doing:
1. knit in pattern to the two stitches to be involved in the decrease
2. k1tbl
3. slip the next stitch to the right needle twisting it along the way (slip as if to purl to the back loop)
4. slip both needles back to the left needle without twisting (as if to purl)
5. pass the left stitch over the right stitch
6. slip remaining stitch back to right needle
Voila. One stitch decreased. It might be way too complicated and there is probably a simpler way. But I figured this out myself and it's working.

Now let's see if I can finish the second glove in one week. The first glove took a LONG time because I had to rip back substantial amounts of rows, multiple times. But this one is coming a long well. Happy Sunday!

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