Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Christmas Review

Now that Christmas is past, I can reveal all the secret knitting I have been doing these past couple weeks. It was surprisingly easy to get all the knitting I wanted to do for the holidays. I even knit my sister some iP*d socks at the last minute (aka Christmas Eve Eve). Here are the goods:

Jason's Fingerless Gloves
Jason got some fingerless gloves to match his scarf from last year.

Eric's new hat
Eric got a hat made of warm alpaca that can fold up double to keep the ears toasty.

Kaylee & Paul's Vintage Cloche and Scarf
Kaylee and Paul got a vintage cloche and a scarf, both of my own design.

Lynn's scarf
Lynn (Eric's sister) got a purple fuzzy scarf! So soft!

I didn't knit this, but my Mom got Berroco Ultra Silk for Christmas! Yummy!

Everyone seems to really enjoy their handmade gifts and I had a lot of fun making them! Speaking of handmade gifts, I received a few myself this Christmas. My sister made me super cute earrings and a shawl pin. Did I mention she was a metal working mastermind? Paul (my sister's fiancee) photographed a nautilus shell, developed, and framed a print for me. And my mom made me a cool bracelet out of glass and metal hoops... sorta like chainmail. I've got to get a picture of these things to share. There is just something really cool about handcrafted gifts! I love them!

Also, over the holiday break, I completed a Mermaid glove. I looooove it and I already have a good start on the second.
Photo courtesy of Jason. :)

One last thing:
New glasses!
I got new glasses! Aren't I supah sexah?

P.S. I love my camera.

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